Embed your listing gallery into your blog posts.

Jul 18 '13

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Embed your listing gallery into your blog posts.

I was recently asked if a one of my custom listing web galleries I create could be embedded into an agent’s blog post.  After doing some research, I figured out how to do it on WordPress. The gallery I create is sized to fit into standard blog posts (625 pixels wide). I then post it online and give you the link.


On the agent’s side, It’s actually pretty straightforward.  In your blog post, you simply enter some HTML code in your blog’s text editor that includes the web gallery link, and ta-da!  The gallery shows up in the blog.


For the following gallery, this is the html data you use:
<div style=”border: thin #000000 solid; width:625px;”>
<object data=http://www.seattlehomephotography.com/_Real_Estate/Test_600 width=”625″ height=”700″>
<embed src=http://www.seattlehomephotography.com/_Real_Estate/Test_600 width=”625″ height=”700″></embed></object></div>

For more information, check out Mulinblog, where I found the instructions.  They have all the details.


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