How Much Are Professional Real Estate Photos Worth?

Apr 2 '13

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How Much Are Professional Real Estate Photos Worth?

Ever wonder if getting professional photos done of your property is worth it?  Here’s an infographic given to me from Ruxta Realty that uses data for the National Association of Realtors and REDFIN that shows just how much more you get from hiring a professional photographer.
Given that my average price for shooting an average-sized home in Seattle is about $260, and the average house sells for $350,000, according to this infographic, you are getting about $4400 more for an average house photographed by a pro. That’s a 1609% return on your photography investment. Also, you’re getting 61% more views online, and…can this be right?  A 47% average higher asking price per sq.ft?  That’s apparently right.  So it’s obviously totally worth hiring a professional photographer to photograph your listings.
Here’s some of the source info:
Redfin   Wall Street Journal



Professional Photos Net More For Your Home

by Ruxta Realty

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